El jefe, el jefe, el jefe si nos consiente!! (aveces)

OK. So in the end, availabilities changed a lot in the last 24 hours, but I’m good with the final outcome.
You will be leaving Miami Friday Jan 22nd in the evening…arriving Saturday afternoon…so we will go out Saturday night…good night to go out.
You will be leaving Tel-Aviv the midnight between Friday and Saturday Jan 30th. You will be back in Miami Saturday afternoon with plenty of time to recover and rest for work on Monday Feb 1st.

Please be at the airport 3 hours before so you can also get better seats at the counter (seats together). That’s what the Delta Customer Service Rep. told me.
Most of the seats were blocked online, but at the counter a nice smile goes a long way.

I will send this email to all three of you with your actual ticket.
I will send a separate email next week with instructions of what to bring…clothes, etc..

Enjoy the weekend.

El Jefe.

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